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Fairlight CMI III Jam Session

edited November 2021 in In the Studio

Back in May this year (2021), I set up a percussion loop using the Fairlight CMI III patched into the 5U modular, Moog Voyager and Roland System 100 and sync'd everything to the aprpeggiator in the Yamaha KX8. The modular was also controlled via clock pulses generated using the Second Sound DACO 160 audio to synth EVK from the Fairlight and then into the Roland System 700 and dotcom Q960 analog step sequencers for various modulation tasks.

This is a short segment from the jam session this inspired. I'll be making this into a full track for an upcoming Pulse Eternal release.

Two of my seven Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 CoCos (Colour Computers) are in this video too. The CoCo 1 is my original one I've had since new in the 80s and is running Audio Spectrum Analyser by Steve Bjork. The CoCo D (CoCo 3 I grafted into a TRS-80 Model 4 case) is running my favourite 3D texture map demo.

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