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Fire at a Fuel Station! - 24th Nov 2021

edited November 2021 in Dreams and Visions

I've just awoken from another dream.

In this one, a friend of mine and I receive an urgent call to put out a fire at a service station (gas station for my USA friends). The bizarre thing is that I'm not a fire fighter and neither is my friend!

I try to get my car running but it has an issue so I decide to ride my motorbike to the fire. However, that too has an issue with the fuel tank leaking. i get it started with just enough fuel to get to the nearest service station.

At the station, I try filling a plastic bag(!) with petrol and put the bag inside the leaking tank. Someone at the station warns me that is NOT a good idea but I was desperate to get to the other service station to put out the fire.

This motorbike also has a small water tank mounted INSIDE the fuel tank that is meant to be for fighting fires!!! Attached to this water tank is a thin hose not much wider in diameter than a drinking straw!

I jump back on the bike and ride it to the fire. Once there, I go inside and find the fire is in a commercial kitchen area of this service station which is also a restaurant. One section of a tiled wall is on fire and the tiles are starting to fall away from the wall exposing three phase electrical circuits that are live. Some have tried unsuccessfully to find the main power isolation breaker.

What amazes me is that the kitchen is still operating and chefs are cooking meals right next to the wall on fire!

I grab my small water tank with its tiny hose to fight this fire and then realise I can't use it while the mains power is still active. I then rush around the building and find a room with a HUGE mains breaker cabinet and turn off the large three phase breaker at the bottom left of the cabinet. The staff in the kitchen yell out to me that the mains to the wall on fire is now off so I run back into the kitchen, peel away the tiles which by now are ready to collapse completely anyway and start squirting water at the fire with my little water tank and its tiny hose!!

Meanwhile, my friend has been fumbling around not really doing much. I mention to him that we were lucky this time but if this had been a bigger fire with more problems, we could've been sued because we are not really fire fighters and were improvising as we went without really knowing many official fire fighting procedures or protocols!

All throughout this ordeal, the kitchen staff kept cooking meals for those waiting in the restaurant!

Oh, and somehow I managed to put out the fire with my minuscule water tank and hose!



  • Well, this is rather interesting timing. I just received the following text message from my landlord. Apparently my place is currently undergoing a fire safety audit which I knew nothing about!

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