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You could say I'm a fan of the TRS-80 CoCo!

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It all started for me in the early 80's when my dad took me to my local Tandy Electronics store (Aussie version of Radio Shack) and bought me a shiny new TRS-80 CoCo 1. I spent much of my spare time learning programming on that computer and I still have it and still use it!

This is how it is today with its recent upgrades which include CoCoVGA, CoCoSDC and 64k RAM badge and the upgrades I did in the 80's which include 64k RAM (upgraded from 16k) and a proper CoCo 2 keyboard to replace the chicklet keyboard it came with.

I now also have two more CoCo 1s, a CoCo 2 and three CoCo 3s!

My three CoCo 3s. The one on the left is a CoCo 3 I have grafted into a TRS-80 Model 4 case. I call it my CoCo D.

My CoCo 2 was given to me as a 50th birthday present from the crew at the Adelaide Retro Computer Group.

Here's a shot of my collection prior to receiving the CoCo 2.

Update - here's all my CoCos in one place....

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