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TRS-80 CoCo 3 6309 v 6809 3D Texture Demo

Code optimizer extraordinaire, L. Curtis Boyle has tweaked my favourite Tandy TRS-80 CoCo 3 3D texture demo to run faster on a 6309 CPU compared to the stock 6809 CPU.

I have two of my CoCo 3s here running the stock demo on a 6809 on the left and the optimized code running on a 6309 on my most upgraded CoCo 3 on the right. This CoCo also has 2MB of Boysontech RAM, a CoCoMECH upgraded keyboard from Ed Snider and custom 2048kB RAM badge from Carlos Camacho. Both CoCos are running CoCoSDCs.

The only thing making the CoCo on the right run this demo faster though is the 6309 code optimizations.

Very nice work Curtis!

Music is from the upcoming (as of October 2021) Pulse Eternal album, "Wildest Dreams," and the track is called, "Who Could Imagine."

Pulse Eternal music is available from http://PulseEternal.com

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