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  • https://youtube.com/watch?v=upK7gSvBSz0 Testing electrode configurations for my 12kV (12,000 volt) Jacob's Ladder which I will be incorporating in this Flux Capacitor build. This is NOT a toy! The voltages and current produced by this neon sign tra…
  • On a serious note here, this project involves working with dangerous and potentially lethal voltages and power levels. On top of that, some of the lasers are class 4 and can cause permanent eye damage and blindness. The input is AC mains (240v in A…
  • More progress on the build today. I mounted one of the HeNe laser tubes and the Dilithium crystal on the base board and tested one of the watt meters with it and all good. The light bulb array is a series current limiting rig that places any or all…
  • I put together a base board for it today and laid out the main components to make sure everything will fit. I also removed the laser tubes and their power supplies from the cases they were in because I won't be using those cases in this build. The …
  • Update - here's a photo of a section of concrete i had the beam focussed on for a FEW SECONDS! This highlights just how powerful this thing is...... Even at half power! https://danniielle.com/forum/uploads/615/Z4034IYXQB5B.jpg
  • Well, this is rather interesting timing. I just received the following text message from my landlord. Apparently my place is currently undergoing a fire safety audit which I knew nothing about! https://danniielle.com/forum/uploads/438/TZNNI0PZT0BR.…
  • Trying 1000 width image in portrait https://danniielle.com/forum/uploads/044/30DLQ516LUGB.jpg