Child at the Door and Faces Turn Black – Two Visions

A collection of my most vivid and impacting dreams and visions.
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Child at the Door and Faces Turn Black – Two Visions

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A day ago, I had two brief visions, one following the other.

Vision 1 – The Child at the Door

In this vision, I was watching in the third person perspective and saw myself as a little child approaching a huge wooden door to a big log cabin style house on a hill in the forest. It was evening and was getting dark and I could see the light from a glowing oil lamp inside the house through the partly opened door and through the window to the right of the door.
I looked up through the crack in the slightly opened door and said, “Please Mister, can I come in?”

End of vision 1.

Vision 2 – Faces Turning Black

In this vision, I saw a grid with an array of perhaps 49 squares (7×7) and in each square was the face of a person. I can’t recall exactly what the people were doing but they were all doing the same thing and they appeared to be content and going about their lives.
Then the activity on their faces suddenly became still and the faces changed, becoming lifeless and turning black and featureless with hollow eyes and open mouths. The faces had turned ghostly and startled me.

End of vision 2.
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