Very Inspiring Flying Dream!

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Very Inspiring Flying Dream!

Post by Danniielle »

Last night I had a beautiful dream that left me feeling vibrant and inspired when I awoke.

I was in a large room with a group of people. It was evening and we had gathered for a social occasion.
At one end of the room was a kitchen with a serving area and just across from that was a dining table and some rather comfy couches where most of us were enjoying each other's company.
I got the impression that this room was part of my remodelled recording studio and there was a good HiFi system and a large projection screen along one of the walls.

I stood up to chat with some close friends who were standing in a smaller group between the dining table and the wall with the projector and HiFi. Between the group and the dining table was a large leather couch with a couple of inviting beanbags at each end.
I suddenly had the idea to stand up and jump over both beanbags and the couch. The distance would've been much too long to jump across but as I jumped up, I hovered and then flew across them with grace and ease, much to the amazement of a few who saw me do this.

One girl in the small group I had been chatting with asked me how I was able to do that and I started explaining to her that we are actually energy beings in temporary, 3 dimensional, physical bodies of higher density. We are on a journey of ascension to the fifth dimension and some of us have entered the fourth dimension in that process. It is when we are in the fourth dimension, which is a transitional stage to the fifth, that we begin to awaken our greater awareness and capabilities. We regain abilities that we had forgotten we had and this ability to fly is one of them.

At this stage, some others from the smaller group had become very interested in all of this so I began a demonstration of how they too could awaken these abilities as their vibrational state increased in frequency.
I asked for a volunteer and one young guy offered. I asked him to lay on the floor with both arms by his side. I then stood next to him, bent down and took hold of one of his hands, asking him to keep his arms by his side. I raised his entire body off the floor horizontally, levitating him just above the floor.
There was a small amount of resistance there and it was apparent this was due to him being new to this and a little unsure if it was all real and even possible, yet here we were doing it! I knew that a seed had been planted not only in his mind but also in the minds of the others watching.

After this, I had a lot of fun jumping up and flying around the room effortlessly and at will. It was an extremely liberating and enjoyable experience and left me feeling inspired and elated upon waking. I still feel that joy as I am typing this!
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