Meeting Bumajin and the Grapevine

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Meeting Bumajin and the Grapevine

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I had a series of very vivid dreams last night and this one is the last one I had prior to getting up.

I was in a conversation with my spirit guides in this dream and they told me I would meet up on the mid, northern coast of New South Wales on Gumbaynggirr land with my first nations brother, Bumajin Gumbaynggirr. Prior to this dream, I did not actually know his exact location, only that it was the North-east section of NSW.
My guides also spoke very specifically about a grapevine but I do not yet know the meaning of that.

When I awoke, I sent Bumajin a message and asked him his location. It was exactly where my guides showed me in the dream.

I am planning to visit my family in Brisbane very soon and Bumajin is not far from them. I believe this is a strong confirmation that this journey has a significant purpose.
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