Story of the Conundrum of Dimensions

Venturing beyond the five physical senses of sight, sound, taste,, touch and smell.
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Story of the Conundrum of Dimensions

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Story of the Conundrum of Dimensions.

The space between dreaming and awakening is where we perceive a shift in timelines. Those shifts occur when we live our passions in a state of ecstatic creativity.

What was a dark timeline for me has shifted to an ascension timeline and has helped heal the universal grid. My state of darkness has become my journey of light and life and my physical world has transmuted.

The following words will probably find their way into the new Pulse Eternal album, Diary of Perception and were directly inspired from a dream a few days ago....

Ogden's New Nutgone Flake!
A beautiful girl named Molly helped me see it in a dream.
The plot to destroy my joy became a story of inspiration and higher consciousness.
The group that was placed to ridicule me became my soul tribe. They heard me play and saw my musical passion.
My kitty was revived. From under the covers, his paw stretched out with new life.
I didn't get to see John Lennon live in concert but I thrived.
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