Huge Continuous Lightning Arc Draws Closer

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Huge Continuous Lightning Arc Draws Closer

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The following is a dream I awoke from earlier today. It is a recurring dream I have now had a number of times.

I was in a house with a number of rooms somewhere in an open field.
The house was quite bare inside and there wasn’t much furniture in any of the rooms. I was sitting on the floor in one of the rooms looking out the window when suddenly, I noticed a huge and continuous lightning bolt arcing from dark and stormy clouds to the ground in the distance. As I watched, the lightning arc came closer and closer on a direct path with the house.

I starting to grow anxious and went into another room. In this room was another window facing a different direction, but outside that window, I saw the lightning arc coming from the different direction still heading directly for the house.

I was aware at this point that there were maybe one or two other people in the house with me. I kept moving from room to room, each room having a window facing a different direction, but no matter which room I was in, the lightning arc could be seen coming from the various directions getting closer and closer. I grew more and more anxious as the lightning grew closer…..

I awoke before it actually hit the house.
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