Skydiving with my Niece

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Skydiving with my Niece

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Skydiving with my Niece at Gold Coast Skydive

To celebrate my niece Ruby's 18th birthday, we went skydiving together with the amazing team at Gold Coast Skydive in Queensland, Australia. This was the first time either of us have jumped out of a perfectly good plane, a little over 3.5 kilometres (12,000 feet) in the air, freefalling at 220 kilometres per hour (almost 140 miles per hour) until our parachutes opened and it most definitely won't be our last!! We both absolutely LOVED this experience!

The music in this video is from my Pulse Eternal album, 2020 and is called Aurora Flight. The album is available from my website at
I will also be using some of this footage in a video clip for the new album, Diary of Perception ( which is nearing completion.

Check out the Gold Coast Skydive website at
They were amazing and I wholeheartedly endorse them if you are looking for an incredible experience lead by a professional and enthusiastic team!

Whatever you do though, if you choose to partake of this otherworldly adventure, listen to your instructor carefully and keep your legs up and straight out on the landing. In the excitement and adrenalin rush of the moment, I bent my knees and actually broke my ankle upon landing on the beach. That's why I was sitting down at the end. I didn't feel much pain because of the adrenalin but my body went into shock and I HAD to sit down or I would've passed out! Even that couldn't wipe the huge smile from my face though and I will do this again in a heartbeat, albeit paying careful attention to my leg position next time!
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