Dannii's Custom REAPER Theme

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Dannii's Custom REAPER Theme

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I have been using REAPER in my studio as my primary digital audio workstation now for around 16 years.

Somewhere around 2010, I started delving into the immense possibilities REAPER offers in customisation with its scripts, theme language, actions and keyboard shortcut options. Of particular fascination to me as graphic artist and programmer was the theming possibilities. Literally every element of the REAPER graphical user interface can be completely redesigned with the use of custom graphics and the WALTER programming language for the GUI layout and functionality.

When I discover something that piques my fascination, I tend to go all in and that is exactly what I have done creating my own REAPER theme. The idea of rebuilding the GUI to look and function exactly the way I wanted was just too enticing and I have literally spent YEARS modifying it to fit my daily workflow and aesthetic preferences.

So, in the spirit of the REAPER community, I present the results of my work to those of you who also love using REAPER.

I will update this topic with more details of the various configuration options for the best visual appearance and other settings shortly. For now though, here's a few screenshots and the download link...

Download theme

Splash screen
Overall view with a complex project
REAPER Dannii Theme 2024 - 2.PNG
Overall view with a modest project
REAPER Dannii Theme 2024.PNG
Overall view with a project incorporating video
REAPER Dannii Theme 2024 - 3.PNG
Main REAPER window showing the track control panel (TCP)
REAPER Dannii Theme TCP 2024 - 1.PNG
Mixer (MCP) view
REAPER Dannii Theme MCP 2024.PNG
Mixer (MCP) view with video window
REAPER Dannii Theme MCP 2024 - 1.PNG
Closeup view of mixer sends
REAPER Dannii Theme MCP Sends 2024.PNG
REAPER Dannii Theme MCP Sends 2024.PNG (10.58 KiB) Viewed 852 times
MIDI Editor
REAPER Dannii Theme MIDI 2024 - 2.PNG
MIDI Editor - Drum mode
REAPER Dannii Theme MIDI Drums 2024 - 2.PNG
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