The Final Nuclear Bomb!!

A collection of my most vivid and impacting dreams and visions.
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The Final Nuclear Bomb!!

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I just woke up from a startling dream.

In this one, I was with my parents and a guy in a four wheel drive was a key part of the catalyst for the detonation of the nuclear bomb that would end our time on earth. The guy was a rich young man probably in his 20s or maybe early 30s.

Earlier in the day, I had been warning my parents and telling them that he was the one who would cause the last bomb to be detonated but they weren’t too concerned.

As the sun was going down and dusk was falling, we watched out the window of the house we were in as the young guy left another home next to us in his four wheel drive. Our houses were in a large court on a hill with a view over a large city.

As the guy left, he was very angry about something and spun the wheels of his vehicle on his way out. At that point, I knew the final moment had arrived and the last nuclear bomb was about to be detonated and I looked at mum and dad to remind them of my earlier warnings. They just sat at the table with me silently looking out the window across the city.

Shortly afterwards, we heard the boom and watched as a massive mushroom cloud formed and I grabbed hold of my parents hands.
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