Murder Plot, Secret Society Meeting, Huge Tsunami

A collection of my most vivid and impacting dreams and visions.
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Murder Plot, Secret Society Meeting, Huge Tsunami

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Last night, I had two very detailed and startling dreams.

In the first dream, I was amidst a huge gathering of very organised and influential people. These people were obviously high up in a secret society which consisted of members of the Vatican, high ranking Freemasons, Jesuits, Satanic priests, businessmen and women, and the Pope.
I was on a large balcony inside what appeared to be a huge, lavishly decorated ballroom sitting next to the Pope. There were many people gathered in the main area of the ballroom and it appeared they were preparing for an important ceremony. The Pope was highly regarded amidst these people and he appeared to be waiting to be addressed. While he was waiting, I started speaking to him and warned him that Creator Spirit was not impressed with what was going on. As I was speaking to him, a number of security guards came and escorted me away.
From that point on, it was clear that a secret order within the highest ranks of this huge gathering were set on killing me but they were planning to do so in a way that could not be traced to them. Also amidst this gathering were what I understood to be ‘secret agents’ (perhaps my spirit guides) who were there to inform and direct me in how to proceed in order to avoid being taken by those who wanted to kill me. I was informed that the plot against me was to fire a tiny poisonous dart at me at an exact moment in their ceremony. The people involved in the plot each had secretly encoded directions to follow with each person playing a consecutive part in leading me to the place where I was to be killed with the dart and then executing the action to actually shoot me with it.

While it seemed clear that I was not going to be able to just walk out of their presence alive under my own steam, it was also clear that those who were there to protect me knew I was there to achieve a purpose. That purpose was to gather information to use to warn others about them. Most of the ones I was to warn were people already involved in this secret society. Clearly, there were a few who would awaken and have a chance to get out before it was too late!

As the dream progressed, my protectors continued to find, unlock and inform me ahead of time each step of the plot to kill me. That enabled me to go along with the plans of the killers in order to proceed without them knowing I was aware of their plot. I was given the opportunity to warn some of those involved and also to warn the Pope a number of times to stop. Each time this happened, the plot of the killers changed and they became more determined to stop me from undermining their secret order. However, my protectors remained totally undetected by them and I was kept safe amidst this sea of evil.
I remember arriving at the appointed place and time where the dart was to be fired at me but I do not recall what happened.

The second dream I had was yet another Tsunami dream. This time, I was on a beach with a group of people and we were right at the edge of the water relaxing with the waves gently lapping us. As we were relaxing, a wave came in that was a little bigger than the others but not by much. I remember commenting that the tide was coming in rather quickly and just as I mentioned that, another wave washed around us somewhat larger again. At that point, I knew something was up and urged everyone to run from the beach from what seemed to be the precursor to a tsunami.
As everyone was running, a much larger wave appeared at sea and rushed towards the beach and people started to panic. There was a tall wire fence between the beach and the populated town adjoining it and not having time to find the gate, I climbed the fence just as the wave came to shore and washed straight through it. The wave was not high enough to reach the top of the fence and it held together despite the strong tsunami current. The tsunami continued and wreaked havoc amidst the buildings in the town.
After the water receded, I climbed down from the fence and began to run searching for higher ground but all I could find were buildings inundated with water. At that point, another MUCH larger tsunami came rushing ashore and I had no choice but to scramble for the roof of the nearest tall building, hoping it would hold together.
As this tsunami hit, it caused massive amounts of destruction and the building I was on top of shook violently, partially collapsing.
I survived throughout this ordeal but it was clear that many people had died and almost everything around me was destroyed.
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