Our perception of physical reality

Venturing beyond the five physical senses of sight, sound, taste,, touch and smell.
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Our perception of physical reality

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Our perception of physical reality generates thoughts which the brain then manifests as electro-magnetic impulses and transmits to the astral plane where those thoughts are stored.
This higher energetic dimension is pliable and easily manipulated quickly, unlike the physical world where energy is manifested into heavier density much more slowly.
Our physical world is ultimately a semi-permanent manifestation of the energy present in the astral world.

The brain is also a receiver of energetic manifestations. What we "tune in" to influences our perception and therefore our thoughts.

This entire process creates a feedback loop which alters our physical reality. Once we become aware of this, we have a responsibility to determine what we tune in to, what we create and what we transmit. These things will ultimately become our physical reality.

Do we feed the nefarious entities that consume us quite literally for their existence? These are the ones destroying the Earth with their corporate greed, genocide, theft, lies, taxation, manipulation, pollution and control.
Or do we feed the creation of a world of self-sufficiency, beauty, restoration, health, vibrance, sustainability, creativity, respect and abundance?

Many are awakening to their true purpose. We are at a turning point. When we come together with a common focus, we have the ability to manipulate our reality beyond our comprehension, overthrowing great darkness with infinite, beautiful light.

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