How to Receive Email Notifications.

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How to Receive Email Notifications.

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Email notifications for posts you are involved with are turned off by default. I'd prefer people opt in to these than have to opt out if they don't want to receive emails. Nobody likes unsolicited emails.

If you want to receive email notifications when there's activity on topics you've contributed to or created, you'll need to turn on notifications in your user control panel which is accessed by clicking your name and going to "user control panel".
In there, you'll find two sections for email notifications, both in the "Board Preferences" tab.
Under "Edit posting defaults", set "Notify me upon replies by default" to "Yes" and then press "submit".
Under "Edit notification options", make sure ALL boxes you want notifications for are ticked and again, press "Submit".
Your options in the last shot will look slightly different to mine. You won't see the admin options.
Once you have done this, you should be notified by email of responses to your forum activities.

These screenshots are from my mobile browser but all options will be available on desktop browsers too.
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