A tunnel with many doors, happy dogs and lava dream

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A tunnel with many doors, happy dogs and lava dream

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A couple of weeks ago I had the following dream….

The very first part of this dream is a little foggy but I was in a place that appeared to be very corporate and very much part of what we call the ‘rat race’ of a modern city. I was running from a group of men who appeared to be the leaders of some sort of high ranking major corporation but I was not in fear of them. I just knew that it was necessary to get away from them and their world system.

As I was running, I came to a long arch shaped, old and damp underground concrete tunnel which had many doors, separating it into sections. As I ran to each door, it opened and I ran through, then I closed each one, bolting them shut with wooden beams to keep them shut and keep the men from following me. I eventually got to the other end of the tunnel and it lead out into the street.

When I got to the street, I knew I had outrun the men who were following me and had lost them. I walked down the street and around a corner into another street and saw a row of city buildings. One of the buildings was two storeys high and the second storey was crumbling. I could see through a hole in the front wall of this building and there were dogs hanging out of it with their mouths open and tongues out relaxing (as happy dogs do).
The odd thing was the dogs were piled on top of one another and were trapped by very slow moving lava from a volcano that was erupting behind them at a distance behind the building, yet nearly all of the dogs had no idea of the danger they were in!! They were oblivious to it and quite content to lay there and do nothing!
However, a few of the dogs realised what was happening and wriggled free at the very last minute, jumped from the second storey to the ground and ran off down the street.

Then I woke up.
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