Ultra Pure, Nano Particle Colloidal Silver

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Ultra Pure, Nano Particle Colloidal Silver

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If anyone needs super high quality Colloidal Silver, I make my own using a fully automatic, nano particle CS generator I designed and built. I use dental grade water which is purified to one part per million combined with 99.99 percent pure silver electrodes. My CS is suitable for internal and external use and I can produce it at either 10 or 15 PPM strength. My generator has built in water purity testing prior to starting and laser particle size testing for the final product.

Happy to trade for tinctures and other natural plant medicines.

The design of my Colloidal Silver generator got me my contract with the Cryoclock project at Adelaide University Advanced Sensing and Photonics laboratory in 2015 working on a cryogenically cooled, sapphire crystal microwave oscillator which won us a Eureka Science Award for outstanding service to Australian border security. This Cryoclock project was specifically for upgrades to the JORN Over the Horizon radar system which scans our borders for potential threats. It is also used as a reference clock for the world time server and is accurate to +-1 second every 40 million years!
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