Why I like muscular women

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Why I like muscular women

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There's a woman at my gym who competes. I'm not sure in what category. She's not a huge roid-monster, but she's big, and has beautiful muscles. Sometimes, when I'm upstairs doing cardio, I'll see her walk in, and think that it's a muscular guy, until I remember that she recently cut her hair short.

Anyway, we are friendly, and we always chit-chat a bit when I see her. I asked her to critique my squat form the other day, for example. She was on one of the cable machines when I left the gym the other day, and had her headphones on. As I walked by, I put my hand on her shoulder to get her attention to say goodbye.

OMG. Touching her shoulder was almost an orgasmic experience. Under her smooth, soft skin were firm, rippling muscles - so unlike most women, with their flabby shoulders and arms.
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