Another Volcano Dream (15th March, 2012)

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Another Volcano Dream (15th March, 2012)

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In this dream, I am standing on a volcano which has not erupted for a long time and most think it is extinct. I am there with some friends and we begin to notice ominous signs of volcanic activity. To most people, from a casual glance everything looks normal. However, as I am watching, I see a man on a white horse appear who circles the crater of the volcano and I call to those who are with me on the crater saying, “Look, a man on a white horse!”

As we are watching, we become aware of the magma building up beneath us hidden from the view of the masses of people who are not on the mountain with us. Small openings begin to appear in various places around the rim of the crater and we can actually see the magma below.
At this point, a small group of people who clearly love all things dark and morbid come up to see what is happening. The leader of the group is Ozzy Osbourne and he is clearly very attracted to what is going on with the magma. I warn them to not go near the openings because they are in great danger of falling in and being killed. However, a young guy, probably in his teens or early twenties is irresistibly attracted to it and actually dives right into one of the openings and disappears in a flash of flames and sulfurous smoke!

By now, the volcano is clearly ready to erupt and myself and the small group of friends I have been with decide it is time to flee the mountain and head to the village below to warn everyone. We run down the mountain very quickly and proclaim as loudly as we can to everyone we see to flee to safety. However, most people are too caught up in what they are doing to even care. There are some who are at some sort of sports event who ridicule us and say that people have been warning for a long time about that mountain and nothing has ever happened. I tell them to look at it and take notice of the bulges in the side with smoke coming from them but they are not interested!!!

Some people do look though and they heed the warnings and start running. I tell them to flee as fast as they can and find solid, high up places which will be the only safe places of refuge when the lava floods everything in it’s path.

As I flee with the small group of friends I was with on the mountain, we find another smaller mountain and one of my friends asks if that will be safe. I mention it probably will be as long as it is higher than the deepest lava flow. We run through some buildings on our way to the smaller mountain and I warn everyone around me to not be trapped into thinking that the buildings will be safe havens. In fact, I warn them that these buildings will be completely destroyed along with everything in them! We scramble up the smaller mountain and cling to the very small rocky peak on top of it.

As we watch, I see an entire sea of water completely flooding everything that is lower than this smaller mountain and only the peak we are clinging to is dry. However, it appears to me that this isn’t literal water because others are still running through it to get to safety. However, they are greatly slowed down and are running out of time very quickly.

As the larger mountain erupts and the lava flows, the watery appearance surrounding everyone below begins to heat up and I say to those of us clinging to the rock at the top of our small mountain that the most difficult thing for us will be when the masses of people below try to cling to us in desperation and start to drag us away from the rocky peak. However, I tell everyone we must continue to cling to the rock no matter what, otherwise we will die along with those who try to drag us away.

At this point, I awaken from the dream.
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