Blood in the Clouds and Rushing White Fog

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Blood in the Clouds and Rushing White Fog

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In this dream, I am in my upstairs bedroom of the house I spent most of my teenage years in. I am looking out the window and see thick, black clouds somewhat like thick tar covering the sky. The clouds appear very heavy, like molasses in texture with sections forming drips like honey on a knife. Also in these clouds are red patches as red as blood with features reminiscent of dark, imposing faces.
I attempt to take photo’s of these clouds but my camera is behaving erratically and malfunctioning. Also, my sister is with me distracting me making it difficult to try to get my camera working properly. She seems completely uninterested in the clouds and even oblivious to them. The only photos I manage to take do not show the clouds in their full menacing appearance. In fact, in the photos, they look like regular clouds.
Something else I notice is that as I tried more and more to get my camera functioning properly, the photos I was getting were increasingly full of buildings and other distractions making it hard to see the clouds.

As the dream progressed, I found myself in the downstairs dining area of the house and was looking out the glass sliding back door at very fast moving white fog. The fog was accompanied by a strong wind, whistling and howling amidst the surrounding trees and houses. It wasn’t causing any physical damage but appeared to be stripping away any dirt in much the same way as sandblasting removes old paint and dirt from an object. Again though, I am the only one who seemed to even be aware of the magnitude of it’s presence. My sister seemed to think it is just a regular windy day and was baffled by why I would even pay attention to it.

There were other sections to this dream but I cannot recall them at this point.
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