Paris surprised, France wasted!

A collection of my most vivid and impacting dreams and visions.
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Paris surprised, France wasted!

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I just awoke from a dream. In this one, I was on the side of a volcano in a mini bus and thought I was seeing the volcano begin to erupt. However, as I looked out, I realized it wasn’t the volcano erupting.

What I was seeing was columns of smoke rising from a massive number of attacks against the city I was near. The whole place was under a combination of man made wartime and supernatural spiritual attack. Then my perspective changed and I found myself amidst the action in a line of people being rounded up and scanned by a high power radioactive body scanner. At the same time, my mobile phone switched itself on in response to their technology activating it and it seemed to be being scanned too. I was also aware that everything I had done previously was being analysed and I was being categorized according to the threat the people rounding us up deemed us to be.

What I witnessed next was very odd indeed. The buildings around me started moving around as if in a giant game of Tetris. It was rather surreal and somewhat disturbing but was obviously planned. There were vast numbers of aircraft patrolling and making war on the city around me too. The whole scene was very dark and gloomy.*Just before awaking, I heard the words, “Paris will be surprised and France wasted.”
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