Another volcanic eruption dream – two days after last one

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Another volcanic eruption dream – two days after last one

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It is two days after the previous volcanic eruption dream and I have just awoken from the following dream:

In this dream, I was standing on a suburban road at the top of a mountain which was very quickly becoming enveloped in lava flows from a volcanic eruption. As I was seeking an escape route, realising the urgency of moving quickly to avoid certain death, I headed for the embankment at the road edge and I noticed a woman who called out to me, “Isn’t there an easier way?”

With a sense of urgency, I called out, “No! Come on!”, and run up the embankment even though I knew the other side was a large drop over a steep, rocky face down the edge of the mountain. Once I got over the embankment, I realised just how treacherous this path appeared but, knowing this was the only way, I made the first of many seemingly dangerous leaps across the rocks to the valley below.

Once I reached the valley, I saw a large group of people gathered there and, at first, asked myself, “Where are all the women?”
Looking around, I noticed that despite my initial impressions, there were indeed other women around me. I also noticed that the woman who called out to me at the top of the mountain had followed me and also reached the safety of the grassy valley. The guy who was practising his crass comedy routine on the bus in my previous dream (the class clown from my highschool days) was also amongst us and so too was his father.

At this point, I noticed the lava from the eruption had flowed out across the land surrounding us to the left and the right in a ‘v’ shape but had not flowed across the rocky face we had just descended. In the opposite direction, across the valley and immediately in front of us, I noticed a river. On the other side of the river was what appeared to be a large expanse of heavily treed bushland, free from the ravages of the eruption.
It was at this point I had awoken from the dream.

A number of things are noteworthy at this early stage of documenting this dream.
  • At no point in this dream do I hear or feel any rumbling, quaking or other physical warning.
  • The area at the top of the mountain is middle class suburbia.
  • The lava appeared to have swallowed up the entire area without warning, taking everyone by surprise.
  • Despite being faced with death in a lake of lava, the woman who called out to me was still looking for an easy escape, initially heading TOWARDS the lava!
  • The rocky path to safety was paved with huge, unshakeable rocks and required many leaps of faith and complete surrender to fear to reach the safety of the grassy valley.
  • There was no panic amongst those who had gathered in the valley.
  • There are people who I previously thought were doomed in the group in the valley.
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