Tsunami, Elite University and Protecting Neo.

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Tsunami, Elite University and Protecting Neo.

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Tsunami, Elite University and Protecting Neo.

I just awoke from another very elaborate dream.

This one started with me on an interstate trip to Queensland and I was inside the main entrance to a very large building much like a shopping complex but there were no shops inside. I was looking out towards the main car park through the huge glass front facade and could see the beach.
Suddenly, there was a rush of people fleeing the building with incredible urgency, warning me to flee too. I followed them and they were all running directly into tsunami waves in the ocean!
My perspective shifted and I was in the ocean watching the approaching wall of water and the people who were swimming into it as if it was just a larger version of a regular wave! This made absolutely no sense to me and I was able to transport myself out of the ocean instantly.
I figured it would make far more sense to head to higher ground and behind the building we had left were some large hills which I ran to the top of. From that vantage point, I witnessed the panic amidst the people below who were all swimming directly into the tsunami! They figured it would be safer to swim into it and through it rather than attempting to outrun it!
I then witnessed another tsunami form after the first one.
This second tsunami was more dangerous than the first one and formed a reflecting, self oscillating, standing wave that bounced back and forth continuously. Nobody would be able to survive this, even if they somehow made it through the first one.

At this point, I had left the top of the foothill and was looking for my way back to where I was staying but being in an unfamiliar environment, I had no idea where I was actually going. I simply followed the winding roads and ended up in the open courtyard of a huge, exclusive university. I had my kitty, Neo, who had passed from this realm in 2021, with me and was holding him close.
It turns out I was staying on campus at this university and was going to be undertaking study there. This was very much unplanned and I had no idea what I was going to do to keep Neo safe. I asked everyone in the dorm room I was staying in to keep the doors closed so he didn't wander out and get lost but I knew that would be rather futile. There were many others in that dorm and they had many friends coming and going, some seemingly unfriendly towards cats. One guy in particular actually seemed to have an intense dislike for Neo so I warned him that if he caused any harm that his life would be in danger of coming to an abrupt end! I am very protective of cats but this response from me was very much out of character. Even so, a couple of the other more friendly folk there supported my rather blunt assertion!

I kept hold of Neo and found myself in a large lecture room with a professor who was explaining some of the scientific diagrams from the previous lecture which were still on the whiteboard. These diagrams were the schematic of a Tesla coil experiment involving free energy transmission. At the heart of the schematic was a very large Tesla coil in the middle of a huge room with spark gap receivers in the corners and formulas written under each spark gap. The distance to the furtherest spark gap receiver was 500 metres and this was inside the building! It was a huge space!
The lecturer was describing the secret to getting the whole setup running efficiently and mentioned that one of the most critical aspects was the tuning of the whole system and listening for the natural resonant frequency that made the Tesla coil sing. Most of the students seemed quite uninterested but I was absolutely fascinated!

I still had Neo in my arms though and his welfare was my primary focus. I left the lecture room and went searching for someone who could help me find a place Neo could stay.
As I was walking through the university hallways, I happened across a group of rather important looking men and one of them was wearing a business shirt that stood out from the others. It was striped, differentiating him from the other men who were dressed in plain coloured shirts. I figured he was the university principle so I approached him with my concerns regarding Neo. He seemed very friendly and eager to help and we left the rest of the group. He addressed me as sir so I politely corrected him and he motioned for me to follow which I did. His name was Neil.

We walked through some elaborately ornamented hallways and into his residence. It was appointed like nothing I had seen before and appeared to be quite ancient and exceptionally well looked after. He said he had a contact who would be able to handle the care of Neo and we got into his car and he began to drive. I was absolutely in awe of the luxurious appointment of this car which appeared to be some kind of Bentley. Even the steering wheel was like nothing I had seen before. It was made of rare and expensive, solid, well polished, antique timber. The woodgrain was stunning!
The journey through the labyrinth of roads, hidden from the general public, was something almost beyond description in its luxurious architecture. I couldn't even begin to imagine what the monetary value of all this must've been.
We came to a pair of stone gates at the driveway entrance to a huge mansion and I took particular notice of two round, decorative wreaths at the gates, both plain white and flower like in appearance. As the gates opened and we drove through, I saw the words, AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT all in upper case lettering above the wreaths. I was a little taken back at this but the charm of everything had me transfixed.

We arrived at the main entrance to the building and we got out of the car and went inside. I still had Neo in my arms and he was purring.
We walked through another labyrinth of ancient architecture and eventually arrived at the front desk of Neil's contact. He looked at me and Neo and said, "I'll take care of that."
I was somewhat apprehensive that he'd refereed to Neo rather impersonally as "that," but he then gestured to me to follow him and I obliged, laying aside my apprehension considering the alternative of leaving Neo in the dorm amidst people who would not keep the doors closed.
Neil's contacted introduced himself as Chilly Wonkas and I did an internal double take which he picked up on. He then said something about his somewhat unusual name but I didn't really take it on board. This whole scenario reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Just before I awoke, I had the very uneasy feeling that these men had alterior motives and were planning to clone Neo and that I may not see him again.
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