Meeting my Girlfriend

A collection of my most vivid and impacting dreams and visions.
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Meeting my Girlfriend

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I just awoke from a detailed and inspiring dream that I met my perfect partner. I have written most of this in current tense because that is a powerful manifestation technique. She is a twin and she is deeply attracted to the fact that I'm intersex. She has embraced all the physical things that have been an inner battle for me most of my life, especially my androgynous body shape. She actually loves my body shape.

Her whole family welcomed me deeply from the moment she introduced me to them.
She is absolutely gorgeous, very artistic and creative and very playful. She loves music too and is physically fit and active.

In this dream, she was wearing a pair of cute, light blue, denim overalls that highlighted her figure beautifully. We were playing records on her stereo system and getting all inspired about doing some fancy ballroom style acrobatic dance moves together. Her stereo is very high quality but the record player plinth had a few cosmetic belmishes that I fixed with a black sharpie and a brown paint pen. She was thrilled with the result.

I get the impression she is also a Lyran starseed.
She's absolutely awakened to her soul purpose on Earth and we are a big inspiration for one another.
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