As you may have guessed, my name is Danniielle.
I’m a passionate musician, sound engineer, artist, photographer (see my gallery here), shaman, Lyran, Australian record holding powerlifter and am qualified in electronics with four decades experience. I’m somewhat eccentric and a bit of an inventor and experimenter, a bit like a female version of Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future! Oh, and my nickname in highschool actually was Doc!
I love Sci-Fi, space, inter-dimensional exploration, cats, quantum physics, physical fitness, writing and recording music, shamanism, dancing, retro things, healthy living, sunlight, fresh air, a good laugh and life in general.
Welcome to my little corner of a very big internet!

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See what I’m up to in my studio (click or tap any of the images on this page).

My music project / band is called Pulse Eternal. Some of it is solo and some is a collaboration with friends. Writing and recording music is a HUGE passion for me!