As you may have guessed, my name is Danniielle.
I’m a musician, sound engineer, artist, photographer (see my gallery here) and am qualified in electronics with four decades experience. I’m somewhat eccentric and a bit of an inventor and experimenter, a bit like a female version of Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future! Oh, and my nickname in highschool actually was Doc!
I love cats, retro things, writing and recording music, Shamanism, healthy living, sunlight, fresh air, a good laugh and life in general.
Welcome to my little corner of a very big internet!

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See what I’m up to in my studio (click or tap any of the images on this page).

My music project / band is called Pulse Eternal. Some of it is solo and some is a collaboration with friends. Writing and recording music is a HUGE passion for me!
Three of my TRS-80 CoCos. I have nine of these!
My much loved and very much missed companion, Neo.
Rest in peace my darling until we meet again!
My HMV Sceptre 80 vintage 70s HiFi. This is the same model my parents had in the 70s and was my introduction to music.