Diary of Perception

Diary of Perception is a brand new Pulse Eternal album currently being written and recorded. It is the biggest Pulse Eternal project to date and will be a double length concept album drawing on elements of progressive rock, jazz, Berlin School electronic and 70s/80s pop.
It is heavily inspired by dreams, visions and concepts of an awakening soul undergoing a radical change of perception, beginning to experience life from the perspective of journeying towards inter-dimensional wholeness and connection to all that is. It is the real life story of my Lyran journey to help humanity transition to 4D and 5D consciousness.

There are plans in the works to produce a feature film based on the album.

The album is being mixed in third order, 3D ambisonics and will be released in Dolby Atmos format as well as binaural 3D for headphones and regular stereo.