Pulse Eternal was founded by me (Danniielle) and is the result of a journey into music composition that began in 1984 with a Roland Juno 6 synthesizer, a Studiomaster Studio 4 cassette multitrack and an Akai 4000DS stereo open reel tape deck. Since then, the Pulse Eternal studio has grown to include a vast array of analog and digital synthesizers, analog step sequencers, guitars, organs, pianos, drums, percussion instruments, my trumpet, high end recording systems and a full 3D, third order Ambisonic recording and mixing setup.
I originally intended it to be my solo project but it has evolved into something much bigger. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with many amazing and talented contributing artists over the years.

Pulse Eternal music can be found exclusively on Bandcamp at this point in time.

The music of Pulse Eternal is inspired by electronic music pioneers such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk as well as progressive rock and pop groups and artists such as Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, The Beatles and many others.

If you can picture the pulsing lights of the Moog 960 sequencers and huge modular synthesizer systems of Tangerine Dream in the mid to late 70s, you’ll get a pretty solid idea of what deeply inspires me as a solo artist. Add in drums, bass, guitars, piano, percussion, orchestral and jazz instrumentation and esoteric instruments from various indigenous cultures around the world and the bigger picture of Pulse Eternal emerges.